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Height Control Valve

• Type EGP - An Immediate Response Height Control Valve with 2nd Ride Height
• Provides a second ride height that is pre-set and is not variable to the weight of the vehicle
• Minimum number of components to provide the second alternative height
• Air pressure is never completely exhausted from the air bellows, saving wear on the suspension components
• On buses, this operation can be tied to the door opening operation, so no additional motion is required by the operator
• All ports are 1/4" NPT
• 12" Horizontal Arm Length
• 20" Vertical Arm Length
• This Valve Provides The Ability Of Raising Or Lowering The Vehicle To A Controlled Second Height Position
• When Air Pressure Is Applied To Port "4" Of The Valve, The Valve Goes To A Set Second Ride Position. The Lever Will Appear At 20° In The 2nd Ride Position In Neutral
• Setting Of The 2nd Ride Position Is Accomplished B