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Master Multi Mount for Spray Master Fenders

Fleet Engineers
• For Spray Master® 19.5 Full Round FRX-19 Series Fenders
• Increases offset adjustability an extra 2″ to 5″
• from the centerline of the tube to the centerline
• of the chassis mounting bolt in quarter inch increments
• Heavy-duty casting with 35mm (1-3/8″) tube
• Uses a bolt to attach to the chassis - not a stud
• Available in a RoadKote® (black E-coat) or stainless steel finish
• Packaged set includes:
• 2 Master Multi-Mount castings (6 pieces)
• 2 tubes
• 4 end caps*
• chassis to mount hardware including anti-vibration “Nordlock” washers
• Two Master Multi-Mount packaged sets are needed for each Spray Master bulk kit
• Image Shown is Black E-Coat