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X-Flex Multi Mount Set (TR)

Fleet Engineers
• Designed for mounting on top of the fender in a center or end position using the X-Flex® Vibrowedge®
• Will work on most fenders from a variety of manufacturers
• Minimizes “spider web” cracking where the fender is attached to mounts
• Eliminates direct metal-to-metal contact and creates a “free floating” zone of vibration isolation
• Allows for adjustable offset range of 2.25" to 5.75" from center line of mounting tube to center line of chassis mounting bolt
• Uses “Nordlock” anti-vibration washers in 5/8" applications
• Set includes:
• two tubes
• four end caps
• four mount retainers
• four Vibrowedge® isolators
• four backing straps
• eight stainless steel covers
• stainless steel fender to bracket hardware
• two E-coat fender side castings
• two frame plates
• casting to bracket